About Us – Pan Malaysia Pool Sdn. Bhd. (“PMP”) 4D, established in Malaysia on July 4, 1988. Its main business is the operation and management of the Numbers Forecast Totalisator business under the provisions of the Racing (Totalisator Board) Act, 1961.

On August 9, 2011, Jana Education Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“JPM”) acquired the entire stake in PMP. Following the acquisition of PMP by JPM, all PMP net dividends received by JPM will be donated to The Community Chest (“TCC”). With this structure, the PMP has effectively transformed from a non-profit organization into a social business, giving the TCC a long-term contribution to the interests of the Malaysian community.

We focus on Education – Funded primarily from the benefits of PMPs, TCC funds the establishment, development, and development of unprofitable schools and learning institutions that do not receive sufficient funding or assistance from the government or the community.

We do not donate cash directly to schools or learning institutions. Through our volunteers, TCC works with school officials and contractors to build, restore and improve physical infrastructure and facilities that require immediate attention, all for the benefit of school children.

Since its launch in 2011, volunteers from the TCC have worked tirelessly with Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools and missionary schools across the country, from East to West Malaysia, to ensure that damaged roofs and tiles are replaced, termites are resolved, repaired toilets and old buildings are safe and healthy for school children, as well as building new buildings and additional facilities such as multi-purpose halls, closed pedestrian path, science lab, library, resource center and more.

Our Logo and Tagline – DaMaCai is a brand identity representing Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd (“PMP”). The filling horse represents Da Ma Cai’s advanced vision and is constantly in pursuit of excellence. Symbol of strength and freedom, this creature remains true to the core values of the Company.

Using blue and red, the color of the logo provides a dynamic contrast to the Company’s character: Red represents spirit and energy. Blue signifies patience and serenity. The two colors compliment each other to show a harmonious quality integration.

Together with the brand name, the logo creates a different and original identity.

Support education, play with us! As the PMP is now fully supportive of education, higher profits mean more funds can be channeled under the TCC. This means more roofs, toilets, and tiles that break out in schools can be replaced, and old buildings can be replaced and rebuilt. New additional amenities such as multipurpose halls, closed pedestrian walkways, science laboratories, libraries, and resource centers can now be installed, all of which are for the benefit of school children!

To this end, all PMP staff, 4D agents, and 4D clients actively play a role, whether directly or indirectly, contributing to the worthy goal of supporting education for the benefit of the greater Malaysian community.